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Schools have long been in the business of assigning grades to their students, but now, new legislation in Texas might be turning the tables. Gov. Greg Abbott, who recently replaced Rick Perry as the most powerful elected official in the Lone Star State, has thrown his support behind a plan that would attach a letter grade to Texas public schools, based on their academic performance.

Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday endorsed legislation that would for the first time assign letter grades to Texas public school campuses based on their academic performance.

Most public high schools in Dallas aren’t measuring up, according to the latest Texas School Guide from Children At Risk. Every public school is rated in the guide from the non-profit that does education research.

Hispanic students have made significant gains on federal math tests during the past decade, and Hispanic public school students in major cities including Boston, Charlotte, Houston and the District have made some of the most consistent progress, according to a report released Monday.

More than half of Indiana’s schools were rated an A this year, a majority for the first time this decade.

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — What state officials term steady, if modest, progress in public school students' overall test scores and graduation rates resulted in a small increase in the number of schools earning an A in the state's accountability program, the Education Department said Tuesday.

Principals and educators from half a dozen schools in the north Memphis neighborhood of Frayser were meeting a week before the start of the 2014-2015 school year.

Texas' critical reading, mathematics and writing skills could stand to see some improvement, according to SAT results from the College Board.

More than 100,000 fifth- and eighth-graders failed the state exams in reading and math that are required to move on to the next grade last year.

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. —Most Arkansas public schools will soon be graded in much the same way as students.