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CollegeBoard releases 2014 SAT results for Texas, rest of American South

Houston Chronicle
October 13, 2014

By John-Henry Perera

Texas' critical reading, mathematics and writing skills could stand to see some improvement, according to SAT results from the College Board.

Each year, the College Board releases state profile reports on America's high school graduates and their performance on the SAT. The test is intended to assess "student reasoning based on knowledge and skills developed in their course work."

The 2014 profile reports include data that show the characteristics of students taking SAT tests over a period of time, year-to-year educational and demographic changes, and year-to-year test performance.

In Texas, the overall mean score for mathematics had dropped four points from the previous academic year. The Associated Press noted the score hasn't been this low since 1992 and comes after the state's decision to drop the algebra II requirement for most high school students.

Additionally, average reading scores slipped one point. The writing scores remained the same as last year.

Houston Chronicle business columnist Chris Tomlinson pointed out that California beat Texas on the SATs, scoring 15 and 22 points higher in math and reading respectively.

"Houston businesses are struggling to find an educated workforce to meet their needs," Tomlinson wrote. "These SAT results simply prove that the Texas education system needs a major overhaul ..."