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In case you missed it: The Texas Tribune is tracking several education reform bills this session.

Today, the Texas Senate has passed the Parent-Trigger bill, a major education reform that gives parents of Texas school children greater control of their student's education. This is a tremendous victory, but only one part of a long battle to transform Texas schools.

The Texas Parent Trigger bill allows parents more options for direct intervention in a failing school after 3 years. It will allow them to petition the Commissioner of Education to take steps to change their failing school into a successful school.

SB 1718, Achievement School District, is up for a vote in the Texas House today. Here’s what State Rep. Harold Dutton, who sponsored the House Bill, said, when the bill passed out of Committee:

School reform legislation which would shorten the number of years a poorly-performing public school could continue without parental intervention is advancing in the Texas Senate. This “parent trigger” bill is not without controversy; there are concerns that the shorter time a school would be given to correct itself isn’t enough time for corrective measures to kick in.

For the 100,000 children waiting to enroll in a charter school, today provided a little hope. The Senate Education Committee passed CSSB 2 out of committee. While this is a critical first step, there is still work to be done.