Victory for our future in the Senate!

April 17, 2013

Today, the Texas Senate has passed the Parent-Trigger bill, a major education reform that gives parents of Texas school children greater control of their student's education. This is a tremendous victory, but only one part of a long battle to transform Texas schools.

The Texas Parent Trigger bill allows parents more options for direct intervention in a failing school after 3 years. It will allow them to petition the Commissioner of Education to take steps to change their failing school into a successful school.

The passage of Parent Trigger in the Texas Senate today means that a strong component of education reform is making great progress. But we need your help to keep our momentum – we need the members of the Texas House to take the same solid step toward a better future for our children.

Write your Texas Representative today. Send a clear message that you want the House to pass the Parent Trigger Bill too.

Just 2 minutes of your time could mean an entire generation of Texas students receive a better education: