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home rule

If there’s one word that cuts to the heart of the persistent political tensions at DISD headquarters, it is trust.

Remember a few months back when there was lots of excitement, pro and con, over a plan to reform Dallas public schools?

The panel charged with charting a new course for the Dallas Independent School District is trying to figure out whether to fold its tent and go home.

The Dallas ISD home-rule commission will decide next month whether to create a charter for the district that could determine how it is operated and governed. Voters would need to approve the charter in an election with at least a 25 percent turnout.

The Home Rule Commission is scheduled to meet today at 6 p.m. In case you missed it on FrontBurner, the Support Our Public Schools group recently presented its proposed charter to the commission. I’m working on a post that looks at the major differences between what that organization presented and the 10 suggestions I put here on Learning Curve.

The group that launched the home-rule charter effort in Dallas ISD unveiled a draft constitution this week that would overhaul how the district operates and is governed.