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Why Reform?

Texans for Education Reform (TER) is a bipartisan, non-profit organization of education, business and civic leaders who are committed to our children. We no longer accept the status quo of mediocre and failing schools and statistics like those reported in a 2014 Harvard study which showed that 73.5% of Texas 8th grade students are not proficient in reading and 60% are not proficient in math. TER is working to ensure that all Texas children have access to high quality public schools that will prepare them to think critically in order to succeed in their career and life.

The mission of TER is to advance policies to transform Texas public schools for every Texas child – regardless of race, ethnicity or zip code. We advocate policies that focus on students first and yield measurable results.

TER supports proven education strategies that provide local communities with tools to improve public schools, empower parents, and create meaningful improvements in the classroom. 

• Policies that provide parents, local communities, and the state with the transparency and solutions they need to improve chronically failing public schools.

• Invest in the best teachers and teaching policies to improve student learning.

• ​Make high performing public school options available to every Texas family.

• Implement proven education technologies and teaching innovations.

"We know that no single solution can bring about the transformation in Texas education that assures all our students access to a high-performing school. But the steps taken by the 83rd Legislature, including providing school districts enhanced flexibility to improve failing schools, the expansion of charter schools, improving the statutory platform for online education, and the creation of credit by exam begins this process. These bills will increase innovative teaching and access to online technologies as well as expand parental involvement in their children’s education. These reforms will have a lasting impact for Texas school children. We appreciate the leadership and courage of many state legislators who fought for these issues, challenging the status quo in our public schools.” 
—Florence Shapiro/Chair, Texans for Education Reform Board