Texans for Education Reform

Texas Lawmaker Tearfully Vows School Choice Fight

March 21, 2013
CBS Houston

The head of the Senate Education Committee broke into tears Thursday as he promised to fight for dramatically expanded “school choice” in Texas.

Gonzales, Workman: Career training good for students, employers and Texas

March 21, 2013

Young adults aspire to a good job, free from crushing student debt. That’s why we support House Bill 5, by Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock. The bill will create multiple career pathways for high school students and reduce over-reliance on standardized state tests in our schools. We support giving Texas students the opportunities they need to succeed in life.

Dan Patrick’s other ideas: are they worth serious discussion?

March 11, 2013

When Ann Richards was governor, she had a letter written by some long-past governor of the early 1900s hanging on her office wall, in which this forgotten (by me) governor was lamenting issues surrounding public education. It was amazing in that the issues about which this governor wrote were the exact same issues Governor Richards was grappling with generations later, which are also the same issues legislators and the courts are debating today.

AFP Testifies on SB 2: Lifting the cap on charters

February 28, 2013

Americans for Prosperity-Texas enthusiastically supports SB 2 by Chairman Dan Patrick.