Texans for Education Reform

CSSB 2 Out of Committee

For the 100,000 children waiting to enroll in a charter school, today provided a little hope. The Senate Education Committee passed CSSB 2 out of committee. While this is a critical first step, there is still work to be done.

Important Update on CSSB 2

While the list of Texas children waiting to enroll in a charter school grows beyond 100,000, the battle over providing solutions for these students is waging on in the Texas Senate.

State Senate panel set to vote on school reforms

March 24, 2013

The Senate Education Committee is set to vote Tuesday on a wide-reaching overhaul of the state's charter school regulations.

Texas Legislature briefs: Senate panel to vote on allowing more charter schools

March 21, 2013

Senate Education Committee Chairman Dan Patrick said he will seek committee approval Tuesday of his bill to raise the cap on the number of independent charter schools in Texas. But he has given up on his efforts to provide facilities funding for charter schools and to require that vacant school facilities be leased to charter school operators for a nominal price.