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Victory for our future in the Senate!

Today, the Texas Senate has passed the Parent-Trigger bill, a major education reform that gives parents of Texas school children greater control of their student's education. This is a tremendous victory, but only one part of a long battle to transform Texas schools.

The Texas Parent Trigger bill allows parents more options for direct intervention in a failing school after 3 years. It will allow them to petition the Commissioner of Education to take steps to change their failing school into a successful school.

Now is the Time

“There are some children whose names we probably don't even know, whose faces we never will see. But they are depending on us nonetheless to do something that changes their future. And their future in most cases begins with whether they get an education or not. And if they don't get an education, they will have no future. And if they don't have a future, it's our fault." - State Representative Harold V. Dutton, April 9, 2013, Texas House Public Education Committee hearing on the Achievement School District (Speaking on HB 1957)

Harold Cook: Education reform: parent trigger legislation advancing in the state Senate [with video]

School reform legislation which would shorten the number of years a poorly-performing public school could continue without parental intervention is advancing in the Texas Senate. This “parent trigger” bill is not without controversy; there are concerns that the shorter time a school would be given to correct itself isn’t enough time for corrective measures to kick in.

Important Update on CSSB 2

While the list of Texas children waiting to enroll in a charter school grows beyond 100,000, the battle over providing solutions for these students is waging on in the Texas Senate.

Senate Education Chairman Dan Patrick has been leading the charge to advocate for Senate Bill 2, which would allow more charter schools to be built in Texas, giving these 100,000+ students who are trapped on waiting lists, a place to succeed and thrive.