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Questions loom over Edgewood, South San board elections

San Antonio Express-News
June 14, 2016

San Antonio Express-News

A couple of local school districts could be holding school board elections in November, but they will be electing members who won’t be eligible to take office for a while.

Under the Texas Education Code, when a state education commissioner steps into a troubled school district and appoints a board of managers, “the powers of the board of trustees of the district are suspended for the period of the appointment.”

According to TEA officials, that means a school district such as Edgewood, where the state has intervened, can proceed with a scheduled election, but elected candidates can’t take office until the appointed board is disbanded. In some cases, that could take years.

These are new rules. Changes were made to the Texas Education Code in 2015 in an attempt to keep the same group of trustees from resuming office after the board of managers is released. The new law also left open-ended the length of time an appointed board of managers can serve. There used to be a cap on long they remain in place.

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