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Model Online Learning Program in Iowa

September 23, 2014

By Levi Ismail

KIMT News 3 – A one-of-a-kind online learning program is giving Iowa students an opportunity to learn at their own pace from home.

The AEA or Area Education Agency Personalized Learning System for schools is being introduced by Gov. Terry Branstad, as a way to supplement learning in the classroom.

The online program is sponsored by AEA, Character Counts in Iowa, and the Institute for Excellence & Ethics.

By establishing a curriculum for students, with their teacher’s input, students can take lesson plans and practice their own material online.

Program coordinators say while this does give students more options for retaining what they learn, it’s not meant to replace the classroom.

“It’s not meant to replace a teacher, but it is trying to fill in some of the gaps that a district may not be able to provide. It can provide for students, if there are not enough teachers available. I’m sure that this can help supplement that,” said Program Coordinator, Evan Abbey.

The program is still in it’s pilot stage and is the only one of it’s kind in the country.

For schools lacking the resources to provide students with courses in STEM for example, there are courses available for districts to make available for their students.

Many of the programs are intended to help students be more proficient at classwork and be college-ready.

“It’s a combination of us providing state-wide options and us finding national open source options, with local districts uploading their own material. We hope to create a very robust catalog of different personalized options for students in the near future,” said Abbey.

All programs are provided for schools at no cost.

If your school district is interested in taking part in the program, they’re urged to contact Evan Abbey for more information: or call (800) 255-0405.