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Changes to STAAR test could be coming

February 23, 2016


AUSTIN (KXAN) - The big assessment test students take in Texas could be getting a makeover. Lawmakers have created a commission called the Next Generation of Assessments and Accountability to review the STAAR test to decide if it's doing its job of assessing how much a student has learned.

Tuesday, the commission will hear testimony from the new commissioner from the Texas Education Agency, the Commissioner of Higher Education, and the Commissioner of the Texas Workforce, as well as public testimony.

The STAAR test is given to students starting in third grade to test their knowledge at the end of a course like math, reading, and science.

Some of the questions this commission has been tasked with answering are – should one test determine if a student graduates? Have the standards become too high over the years? And does the state want to get students ready for college, a career, the military, or all three?

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