Implement proven education technologies and teaching innovations.

  • Require schools to provide students with state or district approved online classes, especially when their schools don’t offer those courses in the classroom.
  • Stop limiting the number of students who may attend highly effective online and blended learning schools by having them be part of the charter school system, thereby allowing them to be part of the state accountability system as well.
  • Provide access to coursework for students interested in career technologies and specialties like health care training and other skilled trades, while continuing to provide a basic educational foundation for college.
  • Award credit to students who can pass an exam that proves their knowledge of the course material, regardless of how much “seat time” they have spent in the classroom.
  • Institute innovation waivers that allow school districts to implement pilot programs taking advantage of emerging learning technologies and new approaches. By the end of the pilot period, they must show results, or they lose the waiver.